About US

Welcome Address

Welcome to Lovecity Family House of Faith, Hope & Love. Our association is based on mutual love for service delivery. No matter where you are, what you do, what you believe and whatever language you speak and your educational background, all our packages shall be suitable for you and have been tailored to meet your basic business, moral and financial need.
All our services are both online and offline. Distance is not a barrier to anyone who wishes to join the family. All we require from our volunteers and participants is Faith Hope and Love for one another. Honesty is part of our watch word. Together we can soar like the eagle; we can touch the skies; we can smile again. No mountain will be too high for us to perch.

Our Mission Statement

To create a Family House where food is served in one dish and everyone eat with bare hands.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the most charitable foundation of all time. To gather the largest functional and effective Corporators that cuts across board. To operate a service-based business ventures to reckon with. To develop human capacity of both members and non-members., operate a viable and grassroot-based Microfinance Bank and Help members source for Business grants across the globe.

We have several Rooms in Lovecity Family House which include:

Lovecity Charity Foundation: This is where we provide charitable aid to the needy
Lovecity Cooperatives: This is where we provide mutual help to one another
Lovecity Ventures: This is where we do business for profit making
Lovecity Singles Department: This is where we match singles

Our Core Values: A . C . T . I . O . N
A - Action towards needs
C - Care is all we seek to give
T - Team work makes it easier
I - Integrity stands us out
O - Open-mindedness.
N - Nobility and dedication


Mr. Augustine Kayode Obayomi

Simply called Mr. Austin: He is the National President and Founder of Lovecity Family House with several rooms which include: Lovecity Foundation, Lovecity Cooporatives, Lovecity Ventures, Lovecity Training, Lovecity Microfinance Bank (in view) and Lovecity Grants. He conceived this the vision over 25yrs ago and it became a reality in 2014.

Living a self-motivated lifestyle, Mr. Austin is an energetic, life-loving and daring person. He loves and cares for people who are deprived of life's comfort. As a Christian, he believes that with Almighty God all things are possible. He supports the poor, the orphaned and the disabled through community improvement efforts in the field of education, social services and healthcare services. He's a philanthropist and a humanitarian.

Many of Mr. Austin’s friends, colleagues and acquaintances have regarded him as lovely, dependable, a team leader, a team player, a goal getter, a very approachable and bubbling personality at all times. He is married and blessed with two children. He contributes through politics, helping the poor, providing foster care for orphans and supporting better living for the handicapped. Austin is a voice for minority group and strongly believes that helping the poor is the secret of securing the true riches of God.