Pay or transfer N5,000 into
Bank Name: First Bank
Account Name: Lovecity Charity Foundation
Account number: 2027006126

If you are going to the bank to pay, the “Depositor’s Name” must be the name of the person who wants to be a member on the teller.
If someone makes a direct transfer from his own account to Lovecity bank account to pay for the person who wants to become a member, then, when filling Lovecity online form for your registration, you must enter the name of the person who made the transfer for you and your own name in the space provided for “Name of Depositor” on the online form.
For example
If your name is JOKE SILVER
If the person who made direct transfer for you is JOHN PAUL
Below is how you will enter “Depositor’s Name” during registration


Note that after a Successful payment, you must proceed to register your membership on Lovecity website within 48hrs, if not, your payment and registration will not be accepted.


Click on “Register” Fill the form that appears and submit.
While registering online, you will be required to enter the Referral Code of the person who introduced you to Lovecity. Please request for this code from the person who introduced Lovecity to you.


Your registration will be approved within 24hrs. You will get an SMS containing your Referral Code after approval. Please, attempt to login within the 24hrs using your Phone Number and Password in case the SMS is delayed.
If your referral code is not sent to you by SMS you can locate it when you login. Just click on “Profile” your own referral code to register your own downlines will be there.
Login and Select “Profile”, then click on “Bank Details” to enter your Account information. You cannot edit your account information after submission
Follow the simple step from here and have your Phone with you, because your Bank will send a Security Code to your phone which you will use to complete your online monthly due payment. You can also pay with your savings online if you have some money in your savings.

1. Registration fee is N5,000 one-time payment
2. You pay in bank or make transfer
3. You must complete your registration within 48hrs after payment
4. You must register with your upline’s ‘Referral Code’
5. Your registration will be approved within 3hrs and you will receive a congratulatory SMS with your own ‘Referral Code’
6. If you did not get the SMS for your ‘Referral Code’ within 24hrs, just login with your phone number and password, then click on “PROFILE” you will see your referral code. Use it to register your own ‘Downlines’

1. Your Online Profile information contains, your FULL NAME, your REFERRAL CODE, your PICTURE, your ID CARD & your BANK DETAIL.
2. Your Username is your Registered Phone Number. You can change it by using the complaint form to send message to Admin.
3. Make your Password very Simple. You can change it by using the complaint form to send message to Admin.
4. Login to your account and select “PROFILE” to view your profile
5. You must add your BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS to your profile. For your withdrawals and loans.

1. The complaint form is created to bridge the gap between members and Admins for issues resolutions
2. The form is Located on the website menu at
3. For you to access the form, you do not need to login to your account, just visit the website and click on ‘COMPLAINT FORM’ on the menu.
4. Fill the form by supplying your Registered Phone number and your Password.
5. When reporting a criminal case, you might be invited to bring an official letter to the office.
6. Penalty for an established criminal bridge of trust is expulsion